Thunder Bugs

Thunder bugs, thunder flies, storm bugs…whatever they are called (the factual term is Thrips) are not little superheroes like their name might suggest, but pure evil little blighters!

These teeny-tiny bugs are around 2mm with a long slender body. They love plants and are generally around in hot summer weather, and tend to swarm if thundery weather is on the horizon. They also reproduce at a rate of knots as they are asexual. 

Don’t I know it! My introduction to these vile little creatures was when what seems like all the thunder flies on my street swarmed into my kitchen and took refuge on my walls, ceiling and cupboards! Just a disgusting experience, fly spray seemed to work pretty well followed by a good vacuum and clean. 

So be warned of the thunder bug swarm…


Trip to the plant barbers

Tip from Gardeners World – trim back Geraniums after flowering and they’ll come back again. 


After (1 week on and it’s worked! Look atthose  lovely leaves sprouting up again)


Wisteria Histeria

I’ve been itching to get my hands on a wisteria. They look so beautiful in bloom when they’re spread over a wall or the front of a house. Mr Titchmarch recommends Wisteria Floribunda Issai, so if it’s good enough for Alan then it’s good enough for Mrs P.

Good ole Wyevale had it in stock, and reasonably priced too! Arrived really well packaged and in perfect condition. Should look a little like this when it gets going.

So decided on the right wall, and got planting, easy as 1-2-3-4! Got some good tips from the RHS website. Plant away from wall so it will get enough water and won’t be dry. Plant on an angle so it leans into the wall making it easier for it to grow up. Add a good scoop of manure to give it some good nutrients. All of this done next step to give it something to hang onto.

Could have chosen trellis, but I’m hoping it will span all over the wall. So I’ve had Mr P’s drill out again (always a worry!) and attached some eyelets onto the wall and stretched wire between them. Spot the 2 wires…almost invisible wouldn’t you say! Will add more as it grows. 

Good luck wisteria, we will need a name for you. Wilma? Wilbert? Wally? 


Bloomin’ marvellous borders

It’s been a while! Back again after holidays and general busy-ness. Had iPad and camera nicked on holiday which makes doing this rather difficult! Will perceiver though!

My favourite border has well and truly come to life. Mixed with lavender, geraniums, saxifragia, fuschia, trailing lobelia (and other stuff which I’m not entirely sure what they are…) it has perfectly turned into what I wanted. It wasn’t the plan, just pure luck really, but a good bit of trial and error! Maybe my fingers are greener than I thought.

Other projects are on the go making good use of this beautiful weather and getting closer to my little paradise.


Chilli or Tomato – Who will win the race?

Well, chilli is severely lagging behind it must be said…

This is my 1st stab at veggies. I haven’t got a clue. I bought various herbs, some strawberries, a chilli and 2 varieties of cherry Tom plants from Homebase, popped them in my “kitchen garden” and kept my fingers crossed for success! Not really the best way to garden, but it’s definitely a style up my street – let’s call it trial and error 🙂

Toms are doing remarkably well, but I’d welcome any tips for a good crop!

I’ve got a feeling chilli would prefer a nice hot windowsill.


Hello June our lovely summer friend

We say goodbye to Spring and all the fresh new greenery and life it has given us, and welcome summer with big warm arms. Clean off those barbies, and pump up your paddling pools because it’s hot hot hot!

Chez le jardin de Penno we’ve been doing exactly that, and thanks to our hard work this year we’re seeing some lovely flowers open up and bulbs sprouting themselves out the ground. 

Even Grandma’s rose is flourishing having been living like a gypsy for so long. It’s been planted in 4 different places before we settled here, and looking good for it! 

Nana Mag’s Germaniums and Forget me Nots are looking gorgeous. Her Astilbes and Hosta have settled right in and look like they’ve been here for years…

Do you notice the lack of slug attack? Want to know my secret? NO WILDLIFE!! Moving into a brand new garden we have to coax them in somehow, but I’m quite happy leaving the slugs to themselves. We do have to be careful of the Greatly Spotted Toddler who likes to yank off leave and trample the plants. Nobody has developed a pesticide to fend off those unfortunately yet…
Our wonderful M&S Christmas tree ain’t looking so good and dropping it’s needles 😦 seems it liked living in its pot.

Au revoir for now!