Chilli or Tomato – Who will win the race?

Well, chilli is severely lagging behind it must be said…

This is my 1st stab at veggies. I haven’t got a clue. I bought various herbs, some strawberries, a chilli and 2 varieties of cherry Tom plants from Homebase, popped them in my “kitchen garden” and kept my fingers crossed for success! Not really the best way to garden, but it’s definitely a style up my street – let’s call it trial and error 🙂

Toms are doing remarkably well, but I’d welcome any tips for a good crop!

I’ve got a feeling chilli would prefer a nice hot windowsill.


Hello June our lovely summer friend

We say goodbye to Spring and all the fresh new greenery and life it has given us, and welcome summer with big warm arms. Clean off those barbies, and pump up your paddling pools because it’s hot hot hot!

Chez le jardin de Penno we’ve been doing exactly that, and thanks to our hard work this year we’re seeing some lovely flowers open up and bulbs sprouting themselves out the ground. 

Even Grandma’s rose is flourishing having been living like a gypsy for so long. It’s been planted in 4 different places before we settled here, and looking good for it! 

Nana Mag’s Germaniums and Forget me Nots are looking gorgeous. Her Astilbes and Hosta have settled right in and look like they’ve been here for years…

Do you notice the lack of slug attack? Want to know my secret? NO WILDLIFE!! Moving into a brand new garden we have to coax them in somehow, but I’m quite happy leaving the slugs to themselves. We do have to be careful of the Greatly Spotted Toddler who likes to yank off leave and trample the plants. Nobody has developed a pesticide to fend off those unfortunately yet…
Our wonderful M&S Christmas tree ain’t looking so good and dropping it’s needles 😦 seems it liked living in its pot.

Au revoir for now!



IMG_0017In a pitch to become a better gardener it turns out that I’m going to be learning from lots of mistakes…
Rule no 1 – don’t plant out little delicate bedding plants until you’re SURE there will be no more frosts.

What I did – after a scorchio weekend (this is truly the reason we’ve left our northern roots and ventured south) I thought “great chance to fill up my empty flower beds and off I went to Homebase for some great garden deals (other stores are available…). Got these lovelies into the ground, and last week was hit with hail-storms!! I should have known better as my mother-in-law warned me to cover them up in little warm blankets, did I bother noooo. I didn’t actually believe we’d be hit that bad in these southern climates!

Now I’m praying to he god of plants (should that be Mother Nature?) that I haven’t ruined them. The aim of this blog is to show how NOT to kill plants, so it’s going well so far in my first update!